Sunday, July 18, 2010

"A" is for Art! What is it anyway?

Art is everywhere. The world is one big revolving art project. You can see art in anything as long as you keep your ears, eyes and mind open. I think that art is anything that arouses some sort of emotion in you. Whether you like a piece of art or not, it's because of the feelings, or lack there of, you experience when you see or hear it.

I believe that art should be personal and subjective. When we each encounter art, whether it be a painting, sculpture, music or any other medium, our own opinions about what we see, hear or feel about it shouldn't be wrong. I don't subscribe to the belief that however the Artist intended for you to feel about their artwork is the only way to feel, or even that all the "Great, Classic" Artists were great. As long as the artwork speaks to you that's all that should matter. And it speaks to each of us differently.

The word "Art" encompasses many different mediums such as the ones listed above and music, theatre, poetry, crafts and more. We don't all enjoy or partake in the same types of art. That is what makes art so great, there is something for everyone. I love most art mediums, and enjoy making art, but that doesn't mean I like all art.

Photography is one type of art that I really enjoy taking part in. I like the idea of seeing something that appeals to me, taking a picture of it and being able to look at it again over and over. Here in Levack, Ontario there are many gorgeous sights that I have been able to capture in a second. Forever.

The above picture is of a creek that runs next to my house. One of the very cool things about photography occurs when things show up in your pictures that you didn't notice when you were taking them. The sun was shining that day, but the effect of the rays of light and the purple colour weren't noticeable at all to me at the time.

Architecture and Interior Design are two other art forms that I am interested in. This Log Cabin is my "If I Had A Million Dollars" house. It's vacant and doesn't even have hydro leading to it.

If I won the lottery I would try to salvage the logs where they are and build my Dream home around them. That would keep the historical aspects of the house in tact, and the new design would be my artistic creation.

Fashion is also a form of art, and I don't mean just designing clothes. Picking out and putting together what outfits you are going to wear every day is artistic creation, as well as your choice of hair style. How you dress makes a statement, just as any piece of artwork does.

I went to University and studied Theatre. Acting was part of the curriculum and I really enjoyed those classes, however I specialized in Costume Design because artistically I found it more fulfilling. I learned so much about clothes and the time periods that they came from, how to make some very interesting things like a Bishop's mitre for example. For some productions I was lucky enough to be the Costume Design Assistant, working very closely with the Director and the Designers for lights, sound, props and set making. It was a thrill to see your designs come to life in the shop, and then end up on the actors on stage.

I also design and make jewelry, but that is for my "J" post so stay tuned! What art mediums do you enjoy? Do you have a favorite Artist? What do you consider Art, or what does Art mean to you?


TracyLynnP said...

I agree Tracey, I love going to art museums but I don't like the "guided" tour, I don't want to know what the artist saw in the work, I like to see & "feel" it for myself. I also love your idea on building a house with salvaged logs! That would be fantastic! Are you sure we're not sisters?
Keep up the great writing, I enjoy it so much!
Tracy Lynn

Phanti said...

@TracyLynnP Thanks so much for reading, and no I'm not sure we aren't sister, lol, we seem to have so much in common.
I have never liked guided tours in museums either, I like going at my own pace and spending more time on the pieces I like. I could sit and stare at any Monet for hours.
If I ever get the money, that house will be mine!
You keep reading, and I'll keep writing. ♥